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Finding God in Unexpected Places (Philip Yancey)
Harga Rp.252.000
Katalog produk : Minggu, 6 Februari 2012.

Finding God Where Few Think To Look

If you were asked to describe the last time you encountered God, what would you say? Some people think God prefers to keep a distance. Others assume God must show up with a lot of fanfare. But what if God takes a different approach entirely—turning up in many places, but all the while keeping a low profile?

In Finding God in Unexpected Places, Philip Yancey returns to his journalist roots as he searches out the unlikely spaces that God prefers to occupy. This globe-circling jorney yields frequent and surprising glimpses of God: in a South American prison, a slum in Atlanta, and a pod of whales off the coast of Alaska. God shows up in the background of world events, in great art, at the workplace, and, yes, at church. Yet all too often we overlook God hidden within the everyday rather than the miraculous.

Joining this journey will reward you with new ways to see God in your own world, in settings and circumstances where you may not have thought to look. And as you catch sight, you will also discover new ways to make God visible to those around you.

Philip Yancey has written twenty books, with more than eight million copies in print. His books, including Prayer; The Jesus I Never Knew; What’s So Amazing About Grace?; Soul Survivor; and Dissapointment with God; have won twelve Gold Medallion Awards. His writing has been published in Reader’s Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, and Christianity Today, where he serves as editor at large.

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