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The Grand Weaver (Ravi Zacharias)
Harga Rp.185.000
Katalog produk : Minggu, 30 Maret 2011.

How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives


How differently would we live if we believed that every event of our lives-from the happy to the tragic to the mundane-was part of ameticulous and purposeful design in which all the elements intertwined with breathtaking precision? That's the question bestselling author and internationally known speaker Ravi Zacharias answers in this book.

It's common to believe that great events such as a death or a birth are guided by the hand of God. Yet we can easily drift into feeling that our daily lives are not sovereignly directed, but are simply the product of our own efforts. This book brims with stories that show us otherwise. From a chance encounter at a cricket match to a beloved father's final words before dying, from a random phone call to a line in a Scripture reading, Dr. Zacharias reveals how every detail of his life has been woven into its perfect place. Then he encourages us to examine our backgrounds, our disappointments, our triumphs, and our beliefs in a different light, explaining how they are all part of the intentional and perfect work of the Grand Weaver.

RAVI ZACHARIAS (MDiv,Trinity International University) is a distinguished speaker and the president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. His weekly radio program, Let My People Think, is broadcast on over 1,500 stations around the world. He has written books for both adults and children. His most recent work, a memoir, Walking from East to West, was published by Zondervan in 2006. He and hiswife live in Atlanta, Georgia.
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